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Reasons to Use the Library

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

prodigal summer on sale

Books in every color of the rainbow. Photo by candiedwomanire on Flickr

Guess what? I utilize the library a whole heck of a lot. Seriously. I mean, I buy books (when I know I’ll want them and want to reread them) and DVDs (ditto) and a whole slew of things. I also have Netflix. But sometimes it’s great to just order a bunch of things and then have them all there for you when you go to the library. (I’m pretty sure every library has that function now.) Also, it always encourages me to be diverse in the things I pick. I get self-concious, and I don’t want a librarian judging me if I’m only getting a ton of DVDs to watch. So I always make a point to get a variety of things. And libraries offer lots of things. Music, Movies, Magazines, Books, Books on tape…

Reasons to use the library: You save money, you’ll try new things in terms of what you’ll watch and read, you’ll encourage yourself to read more, you’ll possibly m ... Read More