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Leather Purses with Ruffles that offer Good Style

Friday, July 15th, 2011

leather purses with ruffles

In the hunt for leather purses with ruffles, I encountered a lot of annoyances. There were bright, neon colors that no one would wear, shotty construction that made the bag look floppy, cheesy embellishments that looked tacky… I mean, it’s not a pretty picture. You have to be selective!

Not only is leather a great material for purses, but the toughnes of the leather as it contrasts with something so feminine like ruffles is a great juxtaposition. And good style boils down to having a balance of two different things: hard – meet soft! When they said opposites attract, maybe they didn’t mean for people but for the world of fashion.

Sometimes ruffles are like a cascading waterfall, sometimes they’re a quirky addition to an otherwise standard purse (giving it wings, so to speak) and sometimes they’re squiggly back and forth and badly placed. It’s up to you to find the one that works for you. I’ve found for that I really liked. The first is a classic, everyday purse. The second is super feminine. The third is part preppy and part glamorous. The fourth is hip and sleek and dare I say…sexy?

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