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Lashem Reviews: Side Effects to Growing Eyelashes Longer

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

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This eyelash growing products review is not a super favorable one – sorry, guys. Brooke Shields was the first celebrity to promote Latisse eye gel to grow eyelashes longer. But it was only after I saw that Claire Danes had hoped on board to also promote the product that I thought “hey, maybe this actually IS something with this whole trend of growing your lashes.” But our experience with growing eyelashes has not been a positive one. BOTTOM LINE: The product worked only marginally on the lashes, not the brows, it itched and it is likely the face of a painful facial infection. I would never purchase Lashem, especially as the press rep for Lashem was incredibly rude to us when she saw we could not honestly give her a 100% positive review. We strive to be honest to our readers, and will not bend the truth to make a company happier.

Our lashes are NOT chia pets, and I didn’t want them to look ridiculous or discolor my eyes. So I am not on board with these lash growing products at all. But my Mom is a little more willing because she has sparse eyelashes, and it’s something that I know she’s self-conscious about. It’s not even noticeable to other people, but she knows that her ... Read More