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How to dress like Angela on Bones

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Cam, Booth and Angela on Bones. Credit: Fox

Angela Montenegro is a great character on Bones, and is probably one of the most likable ones at that. She’s artistic, with a lot of soul and some very funky outfits. I’ll admit that I really do love everyone on the show Bones (I’m also a freelance writer who specializes in TV, so believe me – I’ve seen ’em all), but Angela holds a special place in my heart because of my own connections to the art world. Plus, she’s one of the less techy Squints, as it were, and I’d def be doing something more like her than looking into bugs or bones like the other’s. Basically, I associate with her the most and while I love Temperance’s jewelry, and Cam’s sexy power outfits – I especially love Angela’s wardrobe.

Don’t we all need to express ourselves through clothing? (The answer is YES!) Celebrate who you are via what you wear. In the second to the last episode of Bones this past season (“The Boy with the Answer”), Angela was wearing a very cool black and white top. I’ve always loved black/w ... Read More