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Kristen Bell’s Jewelry pick: Wishbone necklace

Monday, July 5th, 2010

kristen bell jewelry

kristen bell loves delicate jewelry

Wishbone necklaces and wishbone jewelry in general made a comeback when Jennifer Aniston wore a gold wishbone necklace in the poorly reviewed movie He’s Just Not that Into You. The movie flopped, but her jewelry sure didn’t. On RingOBlog we managed to find some wishbone necklaces and even some wishbone rings. Here, even more!

We were inspired to write this post after seeing Kristen Bell wearing a delicate gold wishbone necklace. She’s spoken in interviews before about how she loves delicate jewelry. We think it’s perfect to wear alone, or layered with several other necklaces.

Wishbone Necklaces:

Smart Tips from Kristen Bell

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Kristen Bell was recently spotted out and about shopping for flowers. Can you spot all of the SMART elements in this candid photo?

#1 Bend it like Bell: She’s bending at the knee’s! Seriously, it’s so much less strain than if she’d just bent down over at waist.

#2 Work with children and pets:  Bell is taking time to talk to strangers – and she gets bonus points for taking time to interact with a kid. Talking and spending time with kids, pets or babies can brighten the outlook on your day. And that smile looks genuine to me!

#3 Block the glare:  Sunglasses help if you’re an A-list celebrity who doesn’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, admittedly we may not have this same problem.

#4 Be green: Like any responsible shopper, Bell is using an eco-friendly reusable bag for her shopping.

#5 Versatile jewelry: Notice her statement necklace? That’s something she can wear with fancier stuff, too. Adding it to her simple outfit dresses it up a bit.

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