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New Obsession: Keen Clogs (Review) – I feel like Olivia Pope | UPDATED: Uh, not so fast…

Monday, November 18th, 2013

keen clogs mules women's

They were sitting, inconspicuously, in a box at Marshall’s. I almost left them there, but back on my second loop (yes I make a couple loops!) I decided to slip them on. Upon finding that they did fit, I decided to buy them even though they weren’t listed as wide width (which, my big feet always need.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: THESE CLOGS, ugh. They don’t offer support in a good way…so all the strain goes on the top of your foot when you walk…they gave me (according to my Dr.) tendonitis! IT HURTS. I’ve HAD THIS PAIN FOR THREE MONTHS. Seriously, if they effed up my feet permanently I’m going to cry.

Keen Clogs – NO, NO, NO. Omg no.

Imagine my surprise, a couple weeks later, to realize how much I ADORE these freaking clogs! The brand is Keen. I’d never heard of them before. But I’m so glad that I have, now.

The clogs I got at Marshall’s were $40.00. Another surprise is to see that the retail price for the (I googled to see what it is) “Keen Dawson Clog” is $110.00. Leave it to Marshall’s to give me that kind of deal, right? (I adore Marshalls with ever fiber of my soul. It l ... Read More