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Spotlight on Julie Hewett Makeup for RED Lips

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


I took to the task of looking at all of the products on the Julie Hewett website because I’d bookmarked it a while ago. I’ve seen Julie’s products mentioned by celebs and other bloggers – so I know it’s got some merit. When I discover a new makeup line (especially if it’s got cute packaging – and this line DOES) my first impulse is that I want to buy one of each product. Of course, reality comes crashing in and I realize that’s just not something I can do unless I want to to debtors prison. Which may not even be a thing they have anymore, but in older books they always make it sound scary! Still, treating yourself to ONE new item that’s expensive is okay once in a while. And there’s nothing wrong with LOOKING.

What’s unique to Hewett’s line is this cameilla oil stuff, but also – Hewett is renoun for her use of RED lip products. So if you want to go for Julie Hewett, my suggestion is to try one of her lip products with a red hue. (After all, you don’t go to an Italian restaurant and then order an oriental salad. You go for what they’re known for doing well!)

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