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Jewelry Giveaway: Scarlett Garnet Necklace as seen on Project Runway!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

jewelry giveaways

Hey guys! I’m running a fabulous jewelry giveaway with Scarlett Garnet Jewelry. You may have already seen some of their necklaces if you watch Project Runway! For all of the details head over to my TV site, Small Screen Scoop so you can enter. (Low entries right now! You have a great chance of winning!)  I wanted to make sure none of my She’s Smart ladies missed out on this. I specifically picked out which jewelry piece to give away, so you know that I think it’s damn stylish.

It’s a super long pendant piece you can wear over anything – sweaters, tank tops, etc. Very flexible in terms of how you want to style it. And it’ll work for those who are plus sized or have a large chest, since it’s so long and the pendant is large and has big impact.

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Jewelry Giveaway: Hand Stamped Silver Necklace

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

hand stamped silver necklace

Earlier today I talked to you guys about Joseph Allen Designs and now you get a wonderful giveaway for any piece of jewelry from the site! If you’re interested in customized jewelry for women, this is a really great jewelry giveaway. You get to pick the shape, texture, words and whether you’d like a birthstone, crystal or pearl (or none.)

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Pearl Giveaway! Must Have Jewelry for Women 18+

Monday, September 27th, 2010

jewery giveaway

Earlier today I reviewed a modern pearl necklace piece from I find the company to be friendly and I’m very confident in recommending them to you guys. They’re letting us run a giveaway, which is right in tone with that friendly vibe. Not only that, but in the giveaway you get a bit of choice in what you win!

In this jewelry giveaway the winner will get to pick from their choice of either a freshwater pearl bracelet 7.0-8.0mm, AA+ Quality (pink, lavender, white or black) or saltwater Akoya pearl studs.

Two freshwater pearl bracelet examples, of the many there are to pick from:

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Giveaway! Modern Surgicial Stainless Steel Earrings by In-Sync Design from Oye Modern

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Here's your wonderful surgical stainless steel earrings on display. Pow! Beauty! Pow! Gorgeous!

I very recently reviewed the Arch Earrings by in-sync design, as offered on the cool Modern jewelry website Oye Modern. Remember? And now…. a dedicated and stylish reader will win a pair because you guys are just so fabulous and loyal and… you’re all such special women! You get the same earrings as I did, and I think that’s great because, hello, I have amazing taste! (Hehe!) But seriously, you’ll wow your friends with these amazing earrings.

These surgical stainless steel earrings are 12 x 65mm (0.4 x 2.5 inches)

Oye Modern features many modern jewelry artists worthy of your love and attention.

From the site description:

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Love them! Arch Modern Earrings feature a Long Organic Design

Monday, September 6th, 2010

victoria mason jewellery

I’m a little bit timid with modern jewelry design. I went through a phase where I was very much the iconic polished girl who also wore classic, traditional items or clean lines. I had embraced my perfectionism in a way where everything was black and sleek and ironed and “perfect.”  But I’ve been venturing into two realms: funky/fun style, boho/boho chic style. While sometimes I think of modern jewelry as “perfect” there’s actually a lot of modern jewelry artists who embrace ideas of whimsy and nature.

Check out the long earring design on these puppies! Long earrings are wonderful if they're not heavy. And these aren't heavy at all!

I found a lot I liked at Oye Modern, but one piece that really called out to me (oh yes, it called! or yodeled!) was the Arch earrings by In-Sync Design. I received a pair to review. First off, I LOVE long earring designs, but that usually equates to heavy, droopy things. Not in this case. They’re SURPRISINGLY light. I almost forgot I was wearing them. Of course, I was also very aware that I was wearing them because I was feeling cocky! It’s true. I’m guilty. ... Read More

GIVEAWAY! Long Gold Circles and Squares Necklace by Ten Six Twenty

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Navy Leaf Dangles

Circles and Squares Necklace

One of you readers will be receive the above “Circles and Squares” necklace from Ten Six Twenty. It is made of gold plated findings and a chain, 26″ long. I have a post coming up about what to wear for casual Spring weddings, and long gold necklaces like this are listed there. (Look for that post soon.) But first, let me tell you a bit about the shop!

I received a pair of  Navy Leaf Dangles to review from the Ten Six Twenty Etsy shop. What surprised me is that even though they’re dangle earrings, they are very light on the ears. This means they are super, super comfy. Happy siiiigh. I love light-weight earrings! And it’s incredibly hard to find dangle earrings that aren’t heavy and make you aware of them constantly. If you prefer (or need) light earrings, I would recommend these. They’re made of gold plate elements and czech glass beads. Very lovely.

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