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Bright Idea: Merge Your iPod Case with a Portable Speaker

Sunday, April 25th, 2010


Isn’t it a drag when you have your iPod but no speaker around? Who expects you to carry one of those larger speakers around? This is why the RockBoom Speaker iPod Case is handy. It lets you protect your iPod, and it also has a built- in speaker system so you can share your music wherever you are. I personally love it for listening to music while I’m in the shower or if I’m working outside in the garden (read: lounging and looking at flowers).

The case itself comes in black or camo, and you do need two AAA batteries. But it’s really easy to work. You just put the batteries in and put the speaker plug into your ipod. Then you flip a tiny switch and you can use your ipod as normal – adjusting sound levels and changing songs. The peaker itself is totally invisible (it’s hidden) which makes it very easy to carry around, and doubtful that anyone will steal it (if they knew what this cool thing was – they would definitely steal it). For such a small case, the sound gets pretty loud.

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