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Stay Warm at Work (Office Chills?) with a Infared Shoulder Wrap

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

infrared shoulder wrap

Since the weather outside is SERIOUSLY frightful, all I can think about is ways to stay warm. And since I spend a long amount of time chained to my computer (well, it’s like an elastic leash more than a chain) being warm at the computer is also key. I had a chance to look at the Heated Shoulder Wrap from Heated Mouse (who also run the Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard site.)

The color is gray, which is neutral and will work if you want to haul it into your office. I actually think I would have liked the neck warmer better. You plug this into a USB port, and it only works with that – you can’t plug it in anywhere else. Then you turn it on, and can adjust it to two different levels of heat.

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