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Love them! Arch Modern Earrings feature a Long Organic Design

Monday, September 6th, 2010

victoria mason jewellery

I’m a little bit timid with modern jewelry design. I went through a phase where I was very much the iconic polished girl who also wore classic, traditional items or clean lines. I had embraced my perfectionism in a way where everything was black and sleek and ironed and “perfect.”  But I’ve been venturing into two realms: funky/fun style, boho/boho chic style. While sometimes I think of modern jewelry as “perfect” there’s actually a lot of modern jewelry artists who embrace ideas of whimsy and nature.

Check out the long earring design on these puppies! Long earrings are wonderful if they're not heavy. And these aren't heavy at all!

I found a lot I liked at Oye Modern, but one piece that really called out to me (oh yes, it called! or yodeled!) was the Arch earrings by In-Sync Design. I received a pair to review. First off, I LOVE long earring designs, but that usually equates to heavy, droopy things. Not in this case. They’re SURPRISINGLY light. I almost forgot I was wearing them. Of course, I was also very aware that I was wearing them because I was feeling cocky! It’s true. I’m guilty. ... Read More