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How to get Lea Michele Hair without Spending a Dime

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

lea michele dove hair

Have you seen that new Lea Michele Dove commercial? She twirls in the cutest of all possible girly dresses while singing  “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. It makes me want to twirl and swirl and sing and maybe eat a pink cupcake and find a posse of men in snazzy tuxedos to dance around me.

Lea recently tweeted about her favorite new Dove product: @msleamichele: My new fav product is @Dove Hair’s Intensive Repair shampoo/conditioner – helps w/ all the damage my hair takes!

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Glee-Ful Giveaway: Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner’s

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

dove glee

One lucky reader (it could be YOU) will win both of the Dove conditioners you see to your left. It’s the Intensive Repair Dove Damage Therapy conditioner and the Daily Moisture Dove Damage Therapy conditioner. It’s great to use these together, using the Intensive Repair only about once a week for extra hair care.

I’m really amped about the new Dove Damage Therapy system products, as you can tell from my Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Conditioner Review and Dove Intensive Repair Therapy Conditioner Review. They work, and they’re great, and I truly do love them. It’s what the ladies on Glee are using, too!

Ready to win?

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Let’s Hear it for your Glee-Worthy Hair! NEW Dove Therapy System Products are fit for a Gleek!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

glee hair

I already know you guys have noticed the fashion and style from the ladies on Glee, but what about their hair? Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) always has such glossy locks, even though her hair is so impossibly (enviously) long. But it’s not just the characters who need to have this nice hair. The actresses of Glee have to maintain the health of their hair on a constant basis since they are  always getting it styled, dyed, curled, and put under strong spotlights (there’s always a price when you’re the star!). Their stressed out hair needs a way to kick back. And the equivalent of going to the hair spa is using these new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners.

If you’ve paid attention to any of the Glee promo’s going on lately, you have probably noticed that Glee and Dove have paired up together. This spring, Dove is the Official Hair Care Sponsor of the Glee Live! Concert Tour! So if you’re wondering why Dianna Agron’s hair is so bouncy and shiny – it’s Dove she has to thank. And I bet she does, because she seems very polite and sweet.

Think your hair doesn’t need some TLC?

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