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The smaller-than-a-dime item Kim Kardashian Needs for Church

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

bosom button

Quick Tip: Bosom Button to the Proverbial Rescue!

This product may have a funny name, and the promo images might be pretty cheesy – but I think this is a pretty smart idea! The Bosom Button “is a functional accessory designed to minimize cleavage on your favorite tops!” They use real Swarvorski crystals (or pearls, if you want a matte look)  in tons of different colors so you have a wide variety. Cosmo Magazine may want us to believe that all women go around in shirts unbuttoned down to Sunday, but the truth is that most occasions call for a little more subtly. I’ve often experienced the trouble of wanting to wear a v-neck shirt to work or Church – only to realize that it’s goin ... Read More