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Friday, January 21st, 2011

funny canadian t shirts

We received the On the Eh Team shirt from Crazy Dog T Shirts. It’s kind of a thick cotton, which means it’ll be perfect to layer over long sleeved shirts for Winter. (Hell yea – I do that!) At first they sent the wrong size, but the exchange was SO easy. They send you the right size and a mailer that’s pre-paid to send back the shirt that was the wrong size. And they’re nice about it, too.

I like this shirt because I have a STRANGE fascination with Canada. Lots of people think Canada sucks or it’s lame. But I think it’s gorgeous (probably – I’ve never been!) And people speak French! Oui, oui! Canada rocks, guys.

They also have funny How I Met Your Mother shirts!

How I Met Your Mother Shirt: Hoser Hut T Shirt

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