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Making Use of Driftwood for Unique Ways to Decorate Your Room

Friday, April 9th, 2010

decorative driftwood

These fishies want driftwood, don't try to stop them.

Call me a freakle, but I love driftwood. Nature is cool, OKAY? “What is driftwood” you ask? Well, this may stun you but it is wood that has been in the water and then drifted (probably had amazing adventures like Nemo in Finding Nemo) back onto shore.

Some people use driftwood for inside of their aquariums when they have lizards and stuff…but that’s not what I’m going to cover. Because lizards scare me. If I wanted to wake up to a pet crocodile every day then I’d go move to the Amazon or something.  (And then my life would turn into a scene from that Jennifer Lopez movie Anaconda.) So what am I interested in? Decorative driftwood! Which is just what it sounds like. Finding ways to incorporate driftwood into your apartment, house, porch or garden is cool. (If ... Read More