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Hello Kitty is Forever Your Bestie

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

hello kitty

Just when you thought they’d exhausted all possible options for Hello Kitty to be adorable…they do THIS!

That’s right, what you’re currently oogling are Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear’s! I can’t take credit for this find, because I saw this tweeted by The Office Stylist. I couldn’t resist sharing these with you guys. The dolls are $20.00 and the outfits are between $3 and $15. Go now- build a kitty! You can also buy the Hello Kitty bears already stuffed on Amazon.

+ Tan Hello Kitty + White Hello Kitty + Hello Kitty Doll Slippers – OMG! + ... Read More

Hello Kitty Merchandise that is Cuteable

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

This dog is really excited to be in Hello Kitty :P

This dog is really excited to be in Hello Kitty :P

As a girl and just as a human being – I LOVE Hello Kitty merchandise. I was embarrassingly watching an episode of The Girls Next Door when I saw Bridget having her dog do a photoshoot with Hello Kitty stuff.Well, some was cute but one thing made me laugh out loud. It was the dog wearing a big Hello Kitty hat/mask/thing. I don’t even know what you’d call it. But it was adorable. I wouldn’t buy that for a dog to wear, but it reminded me how much I love cute, pink, Hello-Kitty themed items. It’s not just for little kids!

How do you know whether someone who is a preteen/teen/adult will appreciate Hello Kitty merchandise? Honestly, you don’t. And if you don’t know that the person loves Hello Kitty (or even if they do – you never know if it’s a general love and fondness or a hardcore love where ... Read More