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Exercise Headbands: Bondi Bands

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Headbands for exercise "I run like a girl."

It’s was only at the height of a long walk with Shopdog that I realized how useful an item from Bondi Band could be. The truth is: people sweat. I sweat! Gasp! The horror! Well, if you want an accessory to help you kind of manage your sweat, the Bondi Band brand can help by giving you exercise headbands, exercise hats, etc. The thing that makes a headband a GREAT exercise headband is the wicking ability to absorb moisture. So that’s what you need. And – wicking headbands for women can be stylish – surprise! So if what you need is functionality and style, this is a great option.

Exercise headband: "I run like a girl."

They have items for women, men, kids and dogs. For women, there are all sorts of items from headbands to hats specifically to be worn with ponytails. The MAGIC here is the material they use, which are made of wicking fabric – meaning they absorb and evaporate sweat. They’re comfortable, and they hold your hair back.

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Violet Love Boho Headbands Review

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

boho headbands

Boho chic is my new favorite way of dressing. And what goes perfect with a boho chic aesthetic? Fabric headbands. Nothing says “glamorous hippie” like a headband that goes across the forehead! But the Violet Love headbands can be worn in more ways than just that.

First off, love the name of the store. Right? They specialize in headbands, but also offer leggings and shirts. I was sent two of their headbands to review.

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