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Girls Golf Accessories: I actually love this puffy tote bag, and I don’t golf

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

girls golf bag

Since I don’t golf, what am am I doing falling for a golf bag? I’ll explain how it won me over.

Item: Girls Golf Puffer Tote in Pink Price: $60.00 Colors: Black or Pink

I love the color pink. But, excuse me while I say this, don’t you think this bag is somehow TOO pink? The intensity of the color and the size of this bag really kind of makes me … feel a bit silly. And the only other option is black, which is …black and boring and blah. I wish that there were more options, with a mixture of black with pink stitching, or some sort of geometric pattern…some way to mix these colors. As it stands, I feel like I’m holding the thing and screaming “I’m a GIRLY GIRL” in people’s faces. And I don’t need to scream it. There’s nothing elegant about screaming! Still, I must say that the quality of the bag is really nice…it’s soft and “ploofy” (not a real word, I know) ... Read More