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GET SERIOUS Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review & Giveaway!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

get serious

As an animal lover, something you find yourself dealing with are stains from your pets. They happen because they are young, or old, are sick or have an accident. Whatever the reason, the smell that lingers and the stain that stays is no ones friend.

Shopdog had several accidents earlier this year because she was sick, and it left yellow stains. Shopcat hasn’t had any accidents, but previous cats have sprayed into the corners of the place which means that some people can ‘always’ smell cat urine, and when other cats visit they are compelled to spray (pee!) in the exact same place. This is where pheromones come in. Cats are very competitive about wanting to mark their territory.

I was happy to receive a bottle of GET SERIOUS Odor, Stain & Pheromone Extractor for cats, and one for dogs. Even after using other cleaners on Shopdog’s accidents, the yellow stain had stayed. But when I used GET SERIOUS on these OLD stains, it STILL considerably lessened the stains color. The product was so easy that even my friend with a new manicure dared to use it. It’s very gentle, and there is no bad or ‘clinical’ smell like you get with other cleaners.

For Shopcat, we worked in the GET SERIOUS product where other cat’s have sprayed because if I introduce another cat, I can ... Read More