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Funny Cat Poses: Share Yours! Here’s “Jellyfish” from Shopcat

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

funny cat poses

Shopcat has been doing this funny cat pose (with several variations) a lot. I call it “The Jellyfish” because she tilts her head forward with a point at her nose, and then tucks her paws under while her back legs and paws stick out. It makes her look like, duh, a jellyfish! She can also be menacing like a jellyfish – raw! Well, I don’t know how menacing jellyfish are, but I feel like they probably are not super friendly… (Most of my knowledge on jellyfish comes from an episode of Friends where Monica gets peed on, and the movie Finding Nemo.)

So, feel free to share your funny cat pose pictures, or what you at least call different cat poses! Cats that look like different things are always funny. They are mysterious and shifty.

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