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Giveaway: Glee stuff for your POOCH!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Shop Glee merch everywhere online!

I love anything that has to do with Glee, and I love when Glee merchandise gets creative. Such is the case with the Glee Doggly Pet ID Tags. And make no mistake, people do want Glee stuff for their pets! When you’re a Gleek, you’re a Gleek with everything. Some of the Glee merchandise (like the DVDs) is easy to find. But I think this is a creative product that answers the question, “Where can I buy Glee stuff that isn’t so generic?” This is unique, and it celebrates your love of Glee AND your love of animals.

Every day I spend giving love and extra attention to Shopdog (and Shopcat) I am seriously rewarded in return. Sometimes life gets SO hectic we think we have zero time. Make the time. Celebrate life by loving your pets as much as they love you. But…don’t eat any of my shoes or cough up a hairball, please! ;p

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