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Firmoo Reviews – Really displeased, cracked frame, loose screws…

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

firmoo optical reviews

I would absolutely not recommend this site to buy glasses online.

Update Feb 2013: I received two pairs of glasses from Firmoo. The first pair seemed great, until a week later and they weirdly had a big crack in the plastic frame. I had to e-mail the company a picture to prove it happened, and they sent me the exact same pair. Well, once again I had to go get these re-fitted at a brick and mortar store. The other problem I realized only after wearing these for about a month is that the mini screw driver they give you with the glasses isn’t an accident, their screws loosen all the time, and can just randomly fall out. I would not buy from them in the future, which is a pity because at least their lenses didn’t have a glare. 

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