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Fawn Pictures: Cute as a Button (Er, A Large Button)

Monday, May 9th, 2011

fawn pictures

Ready for the cutest woodland creature I ever saw? Augh, it’s always time for cute baby animal pictures, AMIRITE?

Now… I am such a procrastinator that I’m not even going to tell you guys when these pictures were actually taken (uh, cough, last year!) just that they are of the cutest baby fawn. It was plopped out of its’ mama only hours earlier. Because these babies can’t walk very well at first, the Mom goes away and then comes back at dusk to feed it. Naturally, I didn’t get too close to it or touch it so there’d be no human smell. (Luckily, my camera has a zoom.) It’s crazy to think this was BORN the day these were took, and it looks so perfect and cute and omgadorableaheatsitup!

I love how it’s nestled into the foliage.

Even though it looked scared, and I kept being worried about if it needed water, I had to let nature take over and not intervene. The baby deer was gone later, so I think it’s Mom took it to another location. The sad part is that so many of these woods are getting torn down, the deers are running out of places to live and of things to eat.  That’s why I never ye ... Read More