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How to celebrate summer and lose weight in your backyard

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Add swimming to your workout plan for summer!

It’s summer, and so many of us are not lucky enough to own our own pools. Which makes me kinda angry at the celebrities who have pools but are never home to use them – ever! Since building an in-ground pool will run you about 50,000 at least, that’s not an option to consider for most of us. Including me. Above ground pools are also expensive, especially since you have to build a fence with a pool. But there is one option to consider if you don’t want to drive your kids or yourself to a community pool every day.

Celebrate life everyday! Everyday is a holiday.

Today we’re celebrating the fact that a type of swimming pool is affordable for your own backyard! I’m talking about the above-ground pools that are only about 15 feet in length and four feet tall. If you swim around the perimeter or use goggles to dive for pennies they can be a lot of fun. And really, you’re getting as much space with one as you’d get in a populated community pool.

Your daily challenge from the She’s Smart blog:

It’s summer. No matter where you do it (pool/lake/ocean) you should consider taking a dip. As we get older, the fears about how we look (the verdict: always bad, it seems!) makes us stay out of swimsuits and out of the water. But you’re forgetting that 1) swimm ... Read More