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The Headache Cure that Smells Great (Hint: It's Lavender!)

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Lavender Oil

by papertissue on tumbler

I really did used to love gumballs, and getting the white gumball from a machine was pretty much the worst feeling EVER. But recently I’ve been having all of these headaches which are almost migraines (and sometimes migraines, but not usually). And I gotta tell you, the best feeling is when a constant headache finally goes awaaaaay and I can think again without all of this pressure on my head from a dreaded sinus headache. I’ve tried different over the counter medications for headaches, and even gone to the doctor and gotten prescription medication for migraines. When you have a headache you don’t want to think about any of that, you just want to know what works and how fast you can get it into your system.

Other things I’ve tried have been more homeopathic remedies. A headache cure that I swear by is using my sense of smell to make the headache go bye, bye, bye (N*sync style). For me, sometimes the best headache treatment is a homeopathic treatment. Although I definitely would not recommend putting a cayenne pepper paste up your nose ... Read More Original Statement Necklaces: 2009 Edition

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Spotty Cream Necklace by BoutiqueKokosh on Etsy

Spotty Cream Necklace by BoutiqueKokosh on

Statement necklace – Spotty Cream Necklace by BoutiqueKokosh on

Riddle me this, if you’re going to fork out money for a gorgeous and bold statement necklace – why would you pay so much for one that other people will almost definitely have? I have seen lots of options for statement necklaces of 2009. So, let me ask you this – when it comes to a statement necklace shop, does J-Crew think they are the only shop that stocks them? Moreover, do you think you can only find them at J-Crew? Psh! HARDLY. J-Crew makes great jewelry ... Read More

Great Deals on Rings

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

On Sale for $12.95 via thehungersite

Because I also write for a Ring Blog I know a lot about rings. This means I can lend you my expertise about what some really great deals on rings are. All three rings I’m featuring here are under $20.00. Not too shabby, not too shabby.

On Sale for $16.95 via thehungersite

Sterling Silver Rings on Sale : Read about the Love Ring on RingOBlog

$16.00 Owl Ring from

... Read More