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Things I Bought That I Love

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

best fudge

I bought some things recently that I LOVE, so I wanted to share some info about them with you guys. After all, a store clerk will easily lie to you, but someone who spent their own hard-earned money to buy something will be straight-up honest with you about a product. No doubt! Yo. Uh, do I sound gangsta now? Moving on…

I bought: Fudge! For: My dear Dad. From: KandyKettleKitchen on Etsy. Specifically what I got: Creamy Fudge, Four Flavor Box – 1 lb in Chocolate and Peanut Butter Layer, Chocolate, Raspberry & Cream,  and Heath English Toffee (Check other fudge flavors here.) Price: $10.79 + S&H Thoughts: I knew I wanted to get my Dad fudge for Christmas. Not only am I not a fan of eating fudge, I’m a pretty laughable baker. So I decided handmade fudge would be perfect. The hardest decision was trying to decide which of the many flavors to get. I tried to secretly quiz my Dad about what his preferences for c ... Read More