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Ergonomic Pepper and Salt Grinder by SLICE – review

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

ergonomic salt and pepper shakers

I’m a major ergonomic enthusiast, and that’s one of the main reasons I’m so drawn to Slice products. But it’s by no means the only reason.

After having a chance to use the Slice Ceramic Mill, I’m ready to endorse it fully. I opted for the black and white option, so that I could easily tell between pepper (peppercorns) and sea salt. The design is by Karim Rashid.

SLICE Ceramic Mill - Black and White

Shaking out stale flakes of pepper is never good, you have to grind it to get the flavor. So when I say these are ergonomic salt and pepper shakers, it’s only because you might not realize you should be searching for ergonomic salt and pepper grinders.

The look of this grinder is very modern. It’s glossy and mostly white. That’s not entirely the look of my kitchen, but the usefulness outweighs everything. Plus, the more I look at it the cuter it seems. It reminds me of a frog with two big eyes.

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