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Ergonomic Grater by SLICE – review

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

ergonomic grater

I can’t think of any way an ergonomic grater could be better than this Slice one designed by Karim Rashid.

The Slice grater uses ceramic teeth because it’s non-allergenic, chemically neutral,  impervious to acid, fat and salt. What does this mean? t won’t rust and it will stay sharp.The only issue I have is that ceramic can break easier than stainless steel. However, this is a cute design and it will easily stand up on your counter without wobbling. So, that problem is fixed basically as soon as it arises in your mind.

The soft handle is perfect to hold as you grate, and it doesn’t slip or budge in your fingers.

It’s different than the graters you have seen with holes, and that was done because this style is easier to clean.

Product features for this ergonomic grater

– Ceramic lasts longer than steel – Stays sharp – Never rusts – Lightweight non-slip finish ... Read More