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Vampire Diaries Elena’s Miss Mystic Falls Dress

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

elena's dress in miss mystic falls

Love The Vampire Diaries dress that Elena wears for Miss Mystic Falls? You are SO not alone. (Love Damon? You’re also not alone in that!)

My pick for a replica of this dress is this: Long Sweetheart Fit Long Blue Evening Gown by Liz Fields

Elena's dress in Vampire Diaries wasn't my favorite when you compare it to Caroline's Dress for Miss Mystic Falls. What about you?

Why? While this is a strapless blue evening dress, and Elena’s dress in Vampire Diaries had a halter dress, most blue halter dresses have all sorts of stupid rhinestones on them that look tacky. Elena’s hair covered the halter straps in the front, giving you the same simple sweetheart neckline look with both of these dr ... Read More