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Shop Fair Trade and Eco Friendly with five ACCESSORIES

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Bamboo 1/2 Moon Jewel Clutch

I only just found out about a really great site called five ACCESSORIES. They were so nice, they sent us two of their items. And now they’re also offering a discount for readers.

Bamboo 1/2 Moon Jewel Clutch

five ACCESSORIES is an online store that has all-natural eco-friendly bags, eco-friendly jewelry and eco-friendly accessories from five different countries, whose profits all go back to help these countries. The five countries are: Bali, Hondouras, Cambodia, India and in-need areas of The US.

five ACCESSORIES supports grassroots efforts around the globe to aid under-privileged children by donating FIVE DOLLARS of every handbag sold and 15 percent of all other sales to each artisan’s local cause.

The company began while Christine Hutchison and her husband, Wells, were on their honeymoon in Bali. While there, they met a Balinese tour guide who told them how much difference five dollars a month can make to a family in Bali. While admiring the beautiful handbags and jewelry made by local artisans, the couple had the idea to start five, a company that embodies both their entrepreneurial and philanthro ... Read More