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Eco Friendly Jewelry: The Leakey Collection (Shop for a Good Cause)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

shop for a good cause

I love that I can shop for a good cause and really purchase something I’m crazy in love with when it comes to The Leakey Collection. Their tagline is “natural elegance” and that couldn’t be more spot-on. I really like to capture the essence of casual luxury in all aspects of my life. And jewelry from The Leakey Collection looks great, while also being unique, easy to wear (it’s very comfortable and light) and I did mention how it lets you shop for a good cause, right? That’s the perfect equation!

What I discovered about jewelry items from The Leakey Collection is that it’s all light and very wearable. Plus, it’s so easy to take these pieces from casual wear to professional looks. They’re very artsy, and make me feel earthy/arty and more connected to the world and the earth when I feel these pieces of jewelry. Eco friendly jewelry has never looked so beautiful to me.

Leakey Collection: Ways to Wear this Eco Friendly Jewellery:

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