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Major, Major DVD Sale Worth Checking Out

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

DVD and HD Collection by williamhook on Flickr.

DVD and HD Collection by williamhook on Flickr.

Amazon is having a sale worth mentioning where some HOT (read: good) DVDs are on sale for up to 53% off. The sale ends January 24th, so if you see something you’ve been eyeing, buy it now. Lots of major things are on sale from Weeds, Friday Night Lights, Bones, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Castle, Mad Men, ... Read More

Early Christmas Sales! Up to 55% off Sci Fi DVDs and Blu-Ray on

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

tin man dvd

If you’re like me you have really great mango lotion, and you don’t think that you like Sci Fi. But let me refresh your memory (and mine) and show you that we actually DO like some sci fi stuff. Because Amazon has dvds on sale where Sci Fi DVDs (or Blu-Ray) is on sale up to 55% off, now is a great time to shop for yourself or for others in terms of Christmas gifts. Early Christmas sales make life so much easier as long as you’re willing to shop early for Christmas.

My early Christmas shopping list of DVDs on Sale:

Tin Man DVD (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition) (2007) ON SALE $8.49: This epic fantasy adventure stars sweetheart Zooey Deschanel. It is completly magical and I ADORED watching this ... Read More