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Watching TV Makes me Want to Shop (IS THIS A CRIME?)

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

DwellStudio® for Target® Foliage Duvet Sets

DwellStudio® for Target® Foliage Duvet Sets. Comes with both shams. $59. Gender neutral and very in-tune with nature. Aaah, I love it. Click to visit page.

Sometimes I watch TV live – which means I see commercials – GASP! Remember those? Well,  last night I watched (and reviewed) America’s Next Top Model live. I probably left a couple times to grab a snack or indulge Shopcat in treats (if you have a cat and want to know – she’s goes crazy for these: Whisker Lickin’s Tender Moments Soft & Delicious in the Chicken Flavor), but mostly I was being a (fashionable, Snuggie-model) slug on the couch. The thing I forget about commercials is that sometime’s they’re enjoyable and remind me of things. I promise I’m not brain-washed, though.

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