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GIVEAWAY! Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Going out of

Shopcat is FAMOUS. Yup. She’s rocking out to Lady Gaga and wearing Dior sunglasses right now. …Or maybe she’s sleeping. But on the shirt I wanted to wear! To disturb her would mean certain death, so she’s won this round… and she also got something great in the mail today, too! Fanmail? Nah. But the people at The Nutro Company took notice of Shopcat and her unmistakable flair, and generously suggested that Shopcat sample their Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food with Ideal Nutrient Balance. And not just that, another lucky cat who has a reader for a pal will also receive some.

Going out of your way to buy a special kind of cat food? I would wholeheartedly recommend this.

Yummy, apparently!

Today we received the packaged ... Read More