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How to Dress Like Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

aria montgomery clothes

Sometimes, you don’t have to wear the exact same clothes that you see on a character on a TV show. What’s really smart is understanding their style, and buying new pieces (while using the old) to create looks in a similar style.

Aria Montgomery Style Inspiration Board

BCBGMAXAZRIA Shalom Pleated Dress

Showing a little skin is edgy, and just what Aria would do. Maxi dresses? Also up her alley.

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Hanna Marin Jewelry – Pretty Little Liars Style

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

hanna marin jewelry

For Hanna Marin style (Pretty Little Liars – played by actress Ashley Benson) you’re looking for girly and glamorous items.

This is all jewelry under 10 dollars, which means it all very affordable! And look at this grouping, is this not Hanna Marin’s style of jewelry? It’s glitzy and glam.

I can see her wearing the Pamela earrings and Elise bracelet with a  strapless red dress for a school dance.

The Miranda pendant would be for a school day when she’s trying to be more boho like Aria.

The Billy earrings are perfect to be worn any day, especially with skinny jeans and a black leather jacket.

Isn’t dressing with Pretty Little Liars style so exceptionally fun? Every day you can be a new character!

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For more pieces like this Hanna Marin Jewelry one check out our Dress Like a TV Character tag.

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Aria Montgomery Jewelry – Pretty Little Liars Style

Friday, December 30th, 2011

aria montgomery jewelry

If you want to get the variety of Aria Montgomery jewelry seen worn by Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars you’ll need tons of different styles. And that means finding great jewelry deals so you can have the gobs of jewels. Luckily, Guy and Eva is having a sale right now where items from their Bijoux Blitz section are on sale for up to 80% off. That means all of these things are about just ten bucks, where they’re normally more like forty. The pieces featured for this day all scream “Aria Montgomery” to me. Just take a look! There’s some great chunky chains, delicate pendants, exotic stuff, and bold pieces.

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For more pieces like this Aria Montgomery one check out our Dress Like a TV Character tag.

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Aria Montgomery Style – Purses and Bags

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

aria montgomery style

I went window shopping at Zappos to find purses that were screaming “Aria would wear me!” I found five different purses that were so Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) I’d be surprised if we couldn’t find these in her closet already.

Some style tips to consider for Aria Montgomery style in purses or bags is that she keeps things functional for the event she’s at. Smaller clutches are used when it’s a fancy affair. But she’s not afraid of larger bags at school, and she’s not afraid of designer labels or unique looks. In fact, she’d prefer having a purse that no one else has. Look for unusual colors or color combinations (here you’ll see a dotted orange, a nautical stripe piece, a statement bow and a regal berry color.)

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Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Costumes – Copy Emily’s Fields Style

Monday, October 24th, 2011

pretty little liars halloween episode costumes

While it’s hard to get around buying a cheesy costume, the accessories you use can be things that you have or buy that can be stylish and worn on days other than Halloween. Native American Jewelry is (almost) always really pretty. And you know we always love to focus on stylish halloween costumes! Why? Because generic, ugly costumes make everyone sad.

The necklace and bracelets I’m showing here are things you can easily wear sans costume.

Emily Fields Style in the Halloween Episode of Pretty Little Liars

Dress Like Pretty Little Liars Spencer Hastings for Halloween: Mary Queen of Scots Costume

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

pretty little liars halloween costumes

For Halloween, Spencer Hastings donned a Mary Queen of Scots Costume. To dress like Spencer, look for Elizabethan Costumes. The only Mary Queen of Scots costume examples I see are pretty ugly or have to be custom made and are thusly tres expensive.

Now, about a Mary Queen of Scots Costume wig… This will be hard.  I have to be honest! You’ll want to get a short red wig that has curly hair. And that could be a problem. Plus, to be Mary Queen of Scots, it really needs to be red and curly. And since that’s pretty impossible to find… I have a suggestion! Look for a red, curly wig that you like. Now, you could cut it, yes. Maybe Youtube has haircut tutorials… I don’t know. But what I’d suggest is using clips and bobby pins to clip the hair up to make it appear short. If it’s a very long wig, you can even try to do a hairstyle of the time period. Start by parting in the middle (if possible.)

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Costumes Spencer Hastings Mary Queen of Scots Costume

Gossip Girl Purses – Season 5 – Mulberry – Get the Look for Less

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Click to enlarge Gossip Girl Fashion Guide

Gossip Girl season 5 “Beauty and the Feast” showcases lots of high fashion. And an especially great Mulberry Satchel. But its hefty price makes it out of range for most of us – even though we’re not peasants! So, what can we do? We find something similar. The color is the best part about the bag! Right? So, just search for that color. I did. And I found something pretty sweet…

Click to enlarge Gossip Girl Fashion Guide

The actual Purse: Mulberry Taylor Oversized Satchel $1,500 worn by Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively)

The Look for Less: Fossil Glazed Shirred Flap $55.00 from Zappos, here

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Copy Cassie Blake Style from The Secret Circle!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

the secret circle fashion

Want to know how to dress like Cassie Blake from The Secret Circle? Let’s go into one of her featured outfits of the pilot!

Her dress is unbuttoned and layered over a white t-shirt. Look for something like a floral chiffon dress. Mod Cloth has lots of dresses around the $50 mark that might work.  And yes, a floral dress may look sweet on its own, but when put together with other elements it toughens up. This particular dress has a built in brown vegan belt, ruffled neckline, and wooden button closed keyhole. I like the way Cassie’s dress is loose but she adds definition with the belt.

For more Cassie Blake style, you’ll want a nice leather jacket. GROAN – I know. They’re expensive! But you can shop around for a sale. This is an investment piece, and if you buy one that’s too cheap it’s likely going to look exactly that – cheap. You might have to save up for this piece. But it’ll be worth it and you’ll keep it literally forever.

Now. her boots almost look like rain boots. I opted for suede, rather than leather. And these have a slight green tone. Boots will be big for 2011, and boots in general are just great. Especially when they’re comfortable.

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Gossip Girl Fashion for Less: Copy Serena’s Cheeky Sailor Style

Friday, July 8th, 2011

gossip girl fashion for less 1

As Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively wears sexy, bohemian and luxurious clothing. For summer, channel her style with nautical inspired pieces that are casual and sensual. Look for sleeveless tops with low scoop necks to show cleavage, or belly baring shirts that skim a few inches over your belly button.

I think that Serena’s worn a lot of strips on GG, and when you’re going for a Sailor look, it’s hard to pass them up. But I also can picture Serena rocking some super short Sailor style denim shorts with some platform wedges that will show off her long expanse of tanned legs.

Be inspired by the colors of navy blue, rich reds and golds. Details like anchor jewelry of clusters of buttons and striped patterns also read right into this theme. Juxtapose hard metals (in gold or brass, not silver) with earthy and natural materials like wood and rope. I think a cool braided rope bracelet (or belt) would be an awesome addition.

For makeup, Serena would go for bronzed skin, and light lips. Focus on your eyes with some simple black eyeliner and mascara to give a little polish to the look.

Gossip Girl Fashion for Less


Gossip Girl Fashion for Less: Go for Nautical Fashion like Blair

Monday, July 4th, 2011

gossip girl fashion for less

Let’s get nautical! No one on TV wears cheeky theme clothing quite like the impeccable Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. She takes fashion very seriously, after all. And when she wears a sailor dress, she’s serious about it. And it’s not a bad commitment, as long as the dress looks more fashion than costume (I can almost hear Tim Gunn explaining that in a voiceover, I miss Project Runway.)

Summer is the perfect time to put this sailor look to the test. There is an actual episode of GG where Blair wears a sailor dress, and that’s part of my inspiration. But these are much more affordable options (minus one dress that is pretty pricey, but I couldn’t resist sharing.) I’ll let you decide on how matchy-matchy and thematic you’re willing to go, but these are my suggestions, which are all Blair-like in style. Coming up later this week I’ll have a complimentary post that will be centered on Serena van der Woodesen’s particular style affinity. (Why am I using such a big word? Not that “affinity” is SUCH a big word…)

Gossip Girl Fashion for Less:

Clockwise from top right:

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