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How to Make Your Own Window Treatments on the Cheap

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

waterfall swag

The link to these fabrics is provided below - aren't they gorgeous?

I was watching FYH: For Your Home and thought they had a very cool DIY window treatment idea. The website doesn’t offer much information though – boo! Luckily, my memory isn’t so bad that I can’t expand on what info is already provided.

“A fast, easy, and inexpensive way to hang drapes is by stapling them to a 2×4 that is cut to fit your drape. Gather the material and secure as best you can with a staple gun. Screw an “L” bracket into the 2×4 and then above or directly onto your molding depending on your desired length. Be sure to use a level and measuring tape when hanging your drapes!”

What I like about this window treatment design is that you don’t have to buy a ton of hardware. Although you may like going to a hardware store to ask for some tips.

What you need:

  • 2×4 board
  • Staple Gun or Stapler that can open flat
  • One curtain per board ... Read More
  • Design Inspirations from Fabric Wake my Lazy DIY Sensibility

    Sunday, April 18th, 2010

    "An embroidery on silk featuring bees and dragonflies darting between scattered tulips and peonies, inspired by the finest gardens.  In three colourways, on ivory, on pale taupe and eau de Nil.

    This Lorca fabric was the start of my inspiration journey towards thinking outside of my pre-established, fairly inexperienced DIY box.

    After writing about making your own window treatments yesterday, now I’m obsessed with Lora fabrics. While looking at the luxe fabrics I got ideas for pillows, art for my walls, and even something you can do with your kids. From framing fabrics, stenciling fabric, or even your jeans – there’s lots of ideas for you to look over and consider. I definitely feel CRAFTY now. Beauty inspires me.  But in this case, I had to think how I could re-interpret some of this ideas in order to be possible. Buying tons of this fabric for curtains would be expensive. But framing just some high quality fabric? That is doable. And if that isn’t something you want to do, try re-creating one of the fabric looks with paint and your own fabrics. Just as stores look to big designers for ideas, you can look to the best interior design ideas to recreate for yourself.

    Loving Fabric ... Read More