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Right on the Walls Decal Review & a Decal Discount Code

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

rose decals

Read on to hear my experience with Right on the Walls decals, and score yourself a free Right on the Walls discount code to buy your own awesome decal(s)!

I was very excited to look through all of the decals that Right on the Walls had to offer. I almost went with a cute branch/bird scene (Branch w/ Heart Birdhouse), but then I saw these graphic rose blooms )”Roses”) and decided these would be great to use all over my deplorably ugly closet doors. Rather than go for a deep contrast in color, I wanted something subtle, almost like it was coming out of the woodwork. I looked at the websites variety of colors and found some lighter colors which would work.

The decals arrived packaged wonderfully, including the little tool that is useful in making sure the decal is fully smooth on the wall (or closet doors!) and is important to save as it will help you in the future if you ever need to remove the decal.

As I mentioned, I picked some flower decals for wall areas, that I then used on my closet.

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