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Sea and Sky Paintings that Captivate the Viewer with Luminism

Monday, May 9th, 2011

sky paintings

Cynthia Knott began painting landscapes right around the time there was really good TV on (in the mid 90’s).  I was drawn to her by seeing one of her paintings hanging above a bed in a magazine. (I think it was Home Beautiful.) The way the water and sky mixed together into this almost abstract collision of dreamy colors really made me take notice. And down in the right hand corner, listed with the type of wallpaper and brand of carpet – was her name. Her paintings are luminous.

In fact, this style of painting is called “Luminism.” It involves a horizon, glowing light, airy transparency in the atmosphere – and, specifically, the sky and the sea. She goes to the edge of the ocean to paint her plein air seascapes, using metallic pigments, encaustic and oils.

I think it’s just really very lovely. It makes me want to pick bright bulbs of berries off of bushes and get my hands stained telltalepurple, climb fearlessly up rambly trees, sled down a hill with a flushed face, and jump into the uncertain seas of this world.

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