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Cute Socks for Women by Ozone Socks

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Cute socks for women: the Mona Linen

Cute socks for women and men can be found at Ozone Socks. I was sent some different stylish socks – 2 pairs for me and 2 pairs that I’m giving to my Dad for Christmas. But more on that later today!

Cute socks for women: Mona Linen

I received the Mona Linen (sky blue) and Scandinavian Stripes (green) socks. I picked these two specifically because the Mona Linen one is so pretty, delicate and feminine and the Scandinavian Stripes are so vibrant and fun (plus, that’s my heritage!) I get tired of wearing boring white and black socks. It’s so blah blah blah. It makes dressing my feet boring, even if they have a cute pedicure color. Socks may be just a small accessory, but they can have a surprisingly big impact on your mood. It’s almost like a little secret you have, if people can’t see your socks during the workday.

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