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REVIEW & DISCOUNT: Unique Pet Beds from SMUCCI are Smartly Stylish

Monday, March 15th, 2010

custom pet beds

Shopcat got an amazing present yesterday – and it came in a big box (which she also loves – what cat isn’t wild about boxes?)! It was a handmade, custom pet bed from Smucci. Smucci is a business that began simply out of the love of pets and being creative. Debi D. Kahn creates these handmade beds, getting inspiration from the nature around her (the above picture shows the lake that’s outside of her home).

Smucci Feather Bed

Her son, Jamie, works close with her on the technological side of the business. Of herself and her son she writes on her site, “We both share an immense sensitivity towards animals. Almost all of them hav ... Read More

Picture Clue: Did I rob a Church? False

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Tomorrow you can read the full story behind this picture. For now, please believe that I do not rob churches! And what do we think of this paint color? I mulled about it forevers until I decided that I hate it and I hate Benjamin Moore for ever creating it. Grr, argh. (It’s too blue to be green, it’s too green to be blue – nothing wants to match!)

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