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Behold! Creative Shadow Box Ideas from ShadowCase

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

shadowcase kit

Do you know how you have certain items that you keep, but don’t really know how to display? That’s my problem with a lot of antique jewelry. I put some on my vanity, but at the end of the day sometimes it just looks all jumbled together. Enter: Shadowboxes. They let you frame items other than just pictures.

ShadowCases let you tell a story, and you can pick a theme. Maybe it was an important event like a Ballet recital (I still remember my first one – I was a swan!)  or a Family reunion. Or maybe you want to display the vintage baseball cards your Grandfather collected. Whatever you have a collection if, I’m guessing it’d look better presented nicely!

On you can can buy items separatley, or as a kit. They offer different styles of shadow cases, backgrounds aka storyboards and accessories like pins and photo frames to use within the case.

You know how high schools have display cases? Think of this as a mini, personal display case for your house/room.

I was sent the Vintage ShadowCase Kit from And here is what I made, using antique items from my Grandmother:

The beaded purse is something she took to her prom. The little frog on the left is an old-fashioned p ... Read More