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Top Five Cool Gadgets for Women 2012

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

cool gadgets for women

Right before the holidays, companies come out with their shiniest, best new gear. Here’s the low-down on the top five new gadgets that will come out for 2012. These are all perfect for holiday gift giving.

So, what’s hot to trot?

Stump Portable Tablet Stand – $24 – Stump WebsiteAmazon Link Why do I like it? Three separate viewing angles? I’m sold. Haha, okay not SO fast. But this is so necessary! It’s for use with your iPad or ereader. Perfect for watching Netflix while you’re working at your computer, bored on a flight, or reading recipes while you cook in the kitchen. This is available in five different colors, small enough to fit in your purse, and the base is weighted so it doesn’t wobble. The Wall Street Journal has given this high, high praise. They seem pretty reputable, you know? 😉

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime – $499 for a 32GB model and $599 for a 64GB version Wh ... Read More

Cool Gadgets for Women 2011: Mp3 Shower Speakers Still Need Tweaks

Monday, December 13th, 2010

cool gadgets for women 2011

I spotted a cool add for mp3 shower speakers in a Bed Bath & Beyond ad. I thought this would be AWESOME, and exactly what I was searching for (although I had a pang of guilt, because I don’t want to waste water and take longer showers than I should – I am so conflicted!)

In a quick and desperate attempt to see which model might be the best, I googled away like the pro I am. And what I discovered is that while there are a few options out there, that hopefully 2011 will bring us options that people can give positive reviews to!

The Sharper Image Wireless Speaker MP3 Shower Mirror? Click Here to See. There are only 4 reviews, but both are bad.

iSing Wireless Shower Radio for iPod, MP3 Player, CD Player: Click Here to See. There is only one review, and although it’s positive I ... Read More

Five cool gadgets for women (2010)

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

EZ-FIND! 25 Item Wireless Electronic Locator

This is a post dedicated to cool gadgets for women available now in 2010. Technology keeps increasing its powers (or POWERZ!), so sometimes it can be easy to miss cool, new items that have come out recently. So, in this post, I’ll be covering five of the gadgets that I think are coolest for right now. When I told one of my male friends I was writing this, they immediately made a joke that it would be a post about vibrators. That is not the case! At least not right now.

Do we need technology, or do we need a dictionary? Oops!

By Sammy0716.

And I won’t be featuring tool kits that are made for women because they’re in the color of pink. I’m not one to deny that the color pink is ... Read More