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Cool Gadgets for Women 2011: Mp3 Shower Speakers Still Need Tweaks

Monday, December 13th, 2010

cool gadgets for women 2011

I spotted a cool add for mp3 shower speakers in a Bed Bath & Beyond ad. I thought this would be AWESOME, and exactly what I was searching for (although I had a pang of guilt, because I don’t want to waste water and take longer showers than I should – I am so conflicted!)

In a quick and desperate attempt to see which model might be the best, I googled away like the pro I am. And what I discovered is that while there are a few options out there, that hopefully 2011 will bring us options that people can give positive reviews to!

The Sharper Image Wireless Speaker MP3 Shower Mirror? Click Here to See. There are only 4 reviews, but both are bad.

iSing Wireless Shower Radio for iPod, MP3 Player, CD Player: Click Here to See. There is only one review, and although it’s positive I ... Read More