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Comfortable, Ergonomic Tweezers by SLICE – Review and Pictures

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

In a few words: Pretty. Ergonomic. High-Quality. Useful.

The only reason to change the tweezers you use is if they really give you a drastically better performance. And I found that with these Slice Tweezers.

If you want a really great ergonomic tweezer that’s easy to use, then you want a good designer behind the product. And that’s what you have with the new Slice line of tweezers, all designed by famed architect Michael Graves.

Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

I was sent a pair of the Combo-Tip Soft Touch Tweezers, and I believe it when they say it took them two years of testing before they settled upon their final design. But why do I believe that? Because I can hold it in my hand not just easily, but near perfectly. They refer to it as being “hand-filed and perfectly aligned.” It’s got a coating that keeps it easy when you grasp it in your hand and with your fingers, which is nothing I’ve experienced with the dozens of tweezers I’ve used before. But that’s not the only thing that sets this pair of tweezers apart.

These Michael Graves tweezers by Slice are offered in this combo-tip which has both a slanted and ... Read More