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Reinspired! Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings for Halloween

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

claire danes romeo and juliet dress

When Romeo + Juliet came out in theaters I was obsessed with it. Since the internet was SO SLOW back then, and printers sucked, I was cutting out pictures from magazines and newspapers the old-fashioned way. Did I try to copy Claire Danes hair from the dance scene? Hell yes I did. I even distinctly remember a Romeo + Juliet giveaway in Seventeen Magazine where you had to mail in a postcard saying who designed the Juliet angel dress. (But, again we didn’t really have a quick Internet to help us!)

Every time I think of the Romeo + Juliet costumes I feel excited all over again. As I recently had a chance to review the newly released Romeo + Juliet on Blu Ray, I felt that excitement all over again. I have half a mind to dress up using inspiration from Claire Danes’ Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings. I even found examples of how I’d put it together. Because don’t forget, the costume Juliet has is of an angel. Which is doable. What you want is to copy the elegance of Juliet’s costume, and make note of items like the hairstyle, simple cross pendant, and the way the angel wings go upwards instead of down.

The makeup is easy to copy! I’d use a mineral foundation to give per ... Read More