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Copy Cassie Blake Style from The Secret Circle!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

the secret circle fashion

Want to know how to dress like Cassie Blake from The Secret Circle? Let’s go into one of her featured outfits of the pilot!

Her dress is unbuttoned and layered over a white t-shirt. Look for something like a floral chiffon dress. Mod Cloth has lots of dresses around the $50 mark that might work.  And yes, a floral dress may look sweet on its own, but when put together with other elements it toughens up. This particular dress has a built in brown vegan belt, ruffled neckline, and wooden button closed keyhole. I like the way Cassie’s dress is loose but she adds definition with the belt.

For more Cassie Blake style, you’ll want a nice leather jacket. GROAN – I know. They’re expensive! But you can shop around for a sale. This is an investment piece, and if you buy one that’s too cheap it’s likely going to look exactly that – cheap. You might have to save up for this piece. But it’ll be worth it and you’ll keep it literally forever.

Now. her boots almost look like rain boots. I opted for suede, rather than leather. And these have a slight green tone. Boots will be big for 2011, and boots in general are just great. Especially when they’re comfortable.

Accessories for this look include danglin ... Read More