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How to Create a Canopy Bed for Cheap! DIY

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

ikea 2011

Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars has a great canopy bed, but they’re expensive!

ikea 2011 - This displays another way to pin up a sheer sheet and create a canopy bed feeling.

Because not everyone can afford a four poster canopy bed, take a tip from me. I once recreated the look of a canopy bed using push pins, ribbon and white sheers. Make sure you get the okay from your building supervisor, dorm RA or parents before putting holes in the ceiling, though. I suggest using flat push pins that are white instead of clear, because if they fall down then you’ll see them before you stab your foot with one. You’ll want at least five white sheers, and more is better. The first step is to create the inner canopy part that droops down over the bed horizontally. You might do well to use two or three sheer panels and pin them up in a row as though they were drawers. This will create three puffs over your head from head to toe. Next, you pin the sheers up, making mock corners in the air. Tie the middle section with ribbon to create definition.

Safety tip: Don’t just stand on your bed to do this. Use a step stool, and try to have someone there to help yo ... Read More