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Dog Anxiety Treatment Review: Canine Calm Dog Aromatherapy

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

dog anxiety treatment

When it comes to dog anxiety treatment, some people go right to the dog anxiety medication. Well, Shopdog is afraid of loud noises – especially thunderstorms. She also tends to be be hyper and nervous (barking, amped up) when she sees new people. But even with all of this, I’ve always been hesitant about meds for her. In the past few years, as she’s gotten older, I’ve used benadryl on the Fourth of July to keep her from being too stressed out. Still, I’m not a fan of medicating her except when I have to. That’s why I was glad to try the Canine Calm spray by Earth Heart.

CANINE CALMTM 2 fl.oz. / 60 ml $11.98

Calming aromatherapy for dog can work just like aromatherapy for humans. If you’ve been a fan of for a while, you may have read that I am indeed a firm believer in the sense of smell and think that lavender aromatherapy is very helpful to ease tension and stress. Likewise, I use citrus aromatherapy in the day to be motivated.

Canine Calm comes in in a small blue spray bottle. The smell is pleasant, and actually one that smells like a Bedtime aromatherapy scent my friend use ... Read More