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Funny Work Shirts …Because You Need to Laugh Before You Seriously Explode

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

funny nurse shirt

No matter your profession (hell, even if you’re a call girl) I bet there’s a funny t-shirt out there for you that corresponds with your vocation. And WHY do you need a funny t-shirt, you ask? Because work can make you grind your teeth even if you love your job. And if you don’t manage to induce a bit of levity and laughter into the equation then I’m sorry to say but you’re seriously going to go BLAMMO. It’s time to remember to relaaaaaax. I’ve posted some pictures here of funny nurses shirts, funny writer shirts, and funny lawyer shirts.

I’m not a nurse or a lawyer, but yea – I agree with the writer shirts. I have literally had family members stop and say “wait, she’s a writer – be careful what you say around her”. (It doesn’t matter what you say, what you DO is far more interesting!) But it’s okay, although I make it a point to never write t ... Read More