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Blog Giveaways: Our Wonderful Readers Give Back!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

blog giveaways

There’s truly nothing as nice as hearing that you’re appreciated. Well, maybe a clear blue sky in the middle of winter would be particularly nice… but hearing a simple and genuine “thank you” can make it seem like a beautiful day, no matter the weather or your emotional condition. (On a Monday, I can start spiraling into a bad mood because of a hangnail.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum of “getting a hangnail” are all sorts of little pleasures. Like lotions that take away the roughness of your feet, music that drifts you off to memories of childhood, mineral eyeshadows that are super pigmented, healthy organic snacks that actually taste yummers…

We’d like to thank our Blog Sponors who contribute to letting us and our readers get to know their products and brand a little bit more. So, we’ve created this “THANK YOU” post! Here, we’ll even spell it out for you…

We do so many giveaway blog posts, it just seemed like it was time to let everyone see all of the sweet (and sometimes seriously joyful!) comments that readers e-mail to us when we tell them they’ve been selected as the winner.

Giveaways have been on since we started in October of 2009. (Gasp, oh the y ... Read More